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Agaricus Forte


- 3 bottle in a box
- 60 ml per bottle
- An immuno drink
- Contains the 5 most beneficial and powerful kinds of mushroom
- Contains a much more concetrated form of Beta-glucan
- With multi-organic elements
- In liquid form
- Easily absorbed by the body


- Agaricus Blazei
- Antrodia Mycelia
- Cordyceps Sinensis
- Schizophyllum Commune
- Ganoderma Lucidum
- Siberian Eleutherococcus


- Stimulates and activates immune cells that fight tumor cells
- Offset the effects of radiation therapy
- Lowers cholesterol and eases arteriosclerosis
- With mushroom that prevents normal cells from becoming cancerous cells
- Reduces blood sugar - effective in fighting diabetes damage of alcohol and chemicals
- Increase activity of liver
- With cordycepts and ganoderma that helps increase stamina, energy levels, and endurance-
- Benefits the lung and kidney channels
- Improves sexual energy and desire
- Maintains healthy respiratory functions
- Improves fertility
- With anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect
- Removes circulatory blockage
- Neutralizes ad removes toxic
- Strengthens immune system
- Anti-fatigue or anti-stress effect
- Anti-inflamatory effect


- For general health care, drink 1 bottle of concentrated Agaricus Forte a day
- For extra health care, drink 2 bottles of concentrated Agaricus Forte a day