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Ampalaya Tea

Good for hypertension, Anemia, Stomach pain, Malaria, Menstrual disorders, Liver problems, Headaches, Cough & Colds, Constipation, Measles & Feverish conditions, aids in detoxifying blood, improves skin and for other various conditions.

Ampalaya Tea is safe and effective for Diabetes, Hypertension and Kidney & Bladder Problems. Analysis of the Ampalaya fruit and leaves show that both are excellent sources of Vitamin B, calcium, iron and phosphorous. Here different groups of constituents found in all parts of Ampalaya have clinically demonstrated hypoglycemic properties ( blood-sugar lowering) The fruit has also shown the ability to enhance cell uptake of glucose to promote insulin release.


  • Ampalaya
  • Banaba
  • Lemon Grass
  • Agaricus Extract